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Chiropractic care specializing in prenatal and pediatric family care.  Their providers are Pediatric and Pregnancy Certified and their love for children is evident! 

Patient Centered Medical & Senior Care Communication
With 360° Virtual Tours

When you’ve invested in your facilities to create a great experience for your clients and employees… and/or when your products and services have to be seen for your expertise and quality to be understood and believed, 360 Virtual Tours are for you!


360° Tours for Medical & Senior Care

In this virtual and internet-savvy  generation, the first impression of any medical or senior care facility often comes from its online presence – so a warm and welcoming, state of the art, online presentation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

A 360 virtual tour isn’t just a cold, digital tool to enhance “dwell time” and your SEO (search engine optimization) performance. It’s a bridge connecting medical organizations to potential employees and patients. It begins building trust and transparency, and it demonstrates that you offer the highest standards of care – even before they walk through your doors.


Virtual Tours Help Boost Your Online Visibility, Improving SEO

Search engines are increasingly sophisticated, with algorithms designed to prioritize organizations that keep their online visitors engaged and interacting with the content. This is often referred to as “dwell time.” 

A study done by Google itself, found that organizations with multi-media content, like 360 virtual tours, effectively improve their SEO ranking due to the longer “dwell time” they generate.  That higher ranking ensures that those organizations appear more prominently in search results by potential patients and employees.


360° Virtual Tours Help Build Trust and Showcase Quality of Care

A 360 virtual tour is more than just a technological showcase. It’s an expression of care, and choosing a medical or senior care facility – involves trust. For potential patients or employees, it can feel overwhelming and stressful, and many of them won’t feel comfortable enough to check you out onsite. 360 tours offer them an easy, no-pressure look inside your facility before they would feel at ease walking through your doors.

A Google study reveals that organizations with a comprehensive business profile and website, including 360 virtual tours, are 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable. When people can virtually walk through corridors, peek into rooms, and familiarize themselves with your facility, it creates a sense of transparency and assurance. They feel that if you use the latest technology to care for them online, you’ll also prioritize their care, comfort, and well-being with state of the art equipment and expertise.

Recent Projects:

Stillwell Family Medicine

Dr. Stillwell started Stillwell Family Medicine so that he could be free to provide his patients with unbiased medical services by side stepping the pressures of insurance companies and the incentives of drug companies.  The Stillwells want to be the Green Bay area’s trusted, and affordable, family healthcare provider.   As an independent provider the Stillwells have heavily invested in their new clinic to provide spacious exam spaces without the claustrophobic spaces typically used at clinics connected with health systems.  Using a 360 Virtual Tour

We are proud be a small part of helping the Stillwells “tell their story” to their prospective patients! 

Kocken Chiropractic

Dr. Alex Kocken of Kocken Chiropractic has a convenient location near the highway in De Pere, WI. An Interactive Virtual Tour is ideal for this location as the clinic’s colors and decor create a positive and low-stress patient experience.

While the clinic is convenient for highway access, parking lot access and entrances to the location are hard to determine from the road, even on Google Maps 360 from the street. Heavy parking from the Subway next door makes parking appear unavailable when, in reality, there is always ample parking near Dr. Kocken’s front or side entrances, thanks to additional parking available at the rear of the building.

So two of our objectives were to 1) Reduce confusion and concern regarding parking availability by making additional parking views available on Google Maps, and 2) Reducing “fear of the front door” by giving prospective patients a look inside the clinic available on Google Maps.

Past Projects We’ve Helped Produce:

Our Experience: 360 Tours

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